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At our store, you can purchase many different packages to enhance your gameplay and gain benefits on our server! All items are non-refundable, and you must be online to receive your items. Note while using our store you automatically agree to our terms of service for every purchase. We immensely appreciate your support of the server!

» | For Parents & Guardians & All users

Manafia is an online multiplayer server with a multitude of different users run through the game Minecraft. Minecraft servers allow you and or your child to play either with or against others to achieve goals. All players start with a set rank on each server which comes with many features available on the server, but not all of them. When purchasing a rank/item/package here on this store we reward you or your child on the Minecraft server with a higher rank along with other features through items or packages. Each rank/item/package improves you or your child's experience on the Minecraft server which in turn leads to more fun and great memories! We are always here to answer any questions or concerns along with this, you may contact us through our email: "[email protected]".

» | Accepted Payment Methods & INFO

Our current and only payment method is PayPal. We do also support credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards for the usage of payment. If you would like to purchase with either of those three payment methods, carry out with your Paypal purchase, and below the PayPal login, select the option "Pay with Debit or Credit Card.". You will then be able to pay using either of those three payment methods!

» | Purchase Guidelines:

You are required to keep a clear inventory or the correct amount of inventory slots open for your purchased items as well as be online at the time of purchase up to a 10-minute timeline (allowing for the store to process all of your goods). It is to our judgment, to justify you with your purchased goods if you did not follow our guidelines.

» | Terms Of Service & User Agreement:

You automatically agree on every purchase that you, the purchaser/user/customer, will not receive a refund for any reason while using our store. All purchases made on this store are one-time only and are not liable for lifetime support. You must follow the guidelines closely and precisely. We will not be held responsible to support you if you did not follow these guidelines closely and precisely, and you agree that you understand the guidelines fully and thoroughly if you made a purchase on our store. If you do attempt a chargeback, Manafia holds the authority to restrict every and any of your purchases through this store.

» | Missing your items?

Our store should process your purchase within 15minutes or less. If you have not received your purchased goods you must contact support immediately. If you choose not to contact support after 12 hours you will no longer be liable to receive your goods on the server. To contact us, you may join our Discord at "discord.manafia.com". If you are unable to contact us through Discord, contact us at our email: "[email protected]".

» | What Payment Methods do you support?

Currently, we support PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, and a variety of other payment methods for individual countries! See the image below for some of our most popular payment methods. Note: Not all of our payment methods are listed here! To see which ones you are able to pay with (Country-Relative), head to checkout and the options will appear!


All purchases are final and cannot be refunded. It may take up to 48 hours for your transaction to be complete.

Manafia is NOT affiliated with Minecraft and/or Mojang AB. Minecraft is © Mojang AB 2009-2021. Any purchase goes directly to Manafia.

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